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CTMS sync instructions: Clinical Conductor Enterprise

Florence Support
Florence Support
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  • NOTE: This is only if you have the Enterprise version of Clinical Conductor. If you have a non-enterprise account, refer to these instructions.


  • Get your team up and running on the Florence StudyOrganizer faster by importing studies, staff, contacts, and CTMS specific-bookmarks.

  • Keep your CTMS and Florence StudyOrganizer data in sync over time. Florence StudyOrganizer stays up to date as studies and personnel change.


At the end of this one-time setup, you will have created reports that get emailed to clinicalconductor-data-imports@florencehc.com on a regular basis.


Custom Report for eSource Study

  1. Join Study and Study List in the Custom Report Design Section on the study_pkey

  2. Build a report and select the following:

  • CRO

  • StudyPhase

  • Study Name

  • Study Status

  • Study_pkey

  • Study_StudyProtocolNumber

  • Study_SponsorTeam

  • SiteID

  • Site_Address1

  • Site_Address2

  • Site_City

  • Site_STATE

  • Site_Zip

  • Site_CountryID

  • Study_CoordinatorName

  • Coordinator Email (NOT YET FOUND)

  • Study_Coordinator_pKey

  • Study_PrincipalName

  • Principal EMail (NOT YET FOUND)

  • Study_Principal_pKey

  • Medical Condition

3. Set up a weekly email for this report and send to clinicalconductor-data-imports@florencehc.com


Custom Report for Staff

Primary data elements to include in the reports includes:

  • User pKey

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Title

  • Email

  • Is Active in Organization (Yes/No)

Custom Report for External Contacts

Primary data elements to include in the reports includes:

  • User pKey

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Email

  • Phone

  • Study pKey - a single row for each study pkey

  • Is Active in Organization (Yes/No)

Create Custom Report for Study Key Metrics (Optional)

This report exports key metrics for studies, specifically important dates and recruitment data. This data will help to empower the Business Development team by providing a holistic view of all the data sources across your organization (ie previous FQ's, public profiles, etc) and even outside of it (ie pulling in relevant ClinicalTrial.gov data).


Need assistance? Email support@florencehc.com to learn more.

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